Florabeane Paper Flowers

Whether it is for a large corporate space, a home, as a gift for someone else, or simply to bring beauty to your life: commissions honor your requests for specific blooms. Typically priced by stem, individual paper flower stems range in price depending on the variety, size, petal arrangement, coloring, and botanical elements such as pistil, stamen, sepals, leaves and thorns. All flowers are made to order and require payment upon acceptance of quote. Care card and additional education on how to store and display are included. Shipped priority (not included). Contact me here to start your order!


My current rate (2018) is $70.00 per hour for instruction and paper flower making parties, plus travel from Dixfield, Maine, and supplies.  If you are a bridal party, business, club, or group, please contact me here.


Specializing in floral crowns, bouquets, and boutonnieres. Anything beyond floral crowns, boutonnieres or bridal bouquet will include a consultation fee in order to provide you with a detailed quote.  Travel from Dixfield, Maine, for consult or install is also a part of this pricing. You can share your wedding details with me here!

 In this sample bouquet, there are four hand-painted single-ply crepe peonies ($14.00 per stem), two doublette crepe peonies ($7.00 per stem), and six 180 gram crepe peonies ($7.00 per stem) plus 12 stems of greens ($1.25 per stem).  Total cost: $125.00 plus shipping.