Lia Griffith extra-fine crepe makes a gorgeous paper flower crown

Note: this post contains affiliate links.

Earlier this year, Lia Griffith sent me a package of her extra-fine crepe paper to try. I started off by riffing on a rose (that means I freestyled it with no template). I really wanted to try a tip from Jessie at Crafted to Bloom with this set of florals, and that meant "make the paper foliage". Thank you Lia for the paper, and thank you Jessie for the tip! After the roses, I tackled hellebore and Japanese anemone. And each one had the proper foliage! The roses were done in Sangria, the hellebores in my favorite color ever, Green Tea, and the Japanese anemones were done in Blush.

The crown itself came together quickly with these elements. I knew that I wanted to send a thank-you present to another artist. This particular artist built a community around learning and encouraging people. Without her influence, I wouldn't be teaching online courses. In fact, a lot of my creative growth this year is a direct result of hanging around her Patreon and absorbing her wisdom.  The crown went to my favorite photographer: Jingna Zhang