The Arizona Commission

This particular custom order was researched entirely using this amazing image database of Southeastern Arizona Wildflowers and Plants by color.  The client gifted the order to someone living in Arizona and requested something that represented the southwest. I was given the freedom to design whatever I wanted.  The wreath of miniature paper flowers represents the following flowers: 

Bouvardia ternifolia/Firecracker bush

Erysimum capitatum/Sanddune Wallflower

Sanvitalia abertii/Abert's creeping zinnia

Cylindropuntia acanthocarpa/Buckhorn cholla

Sisyrinchium demissum/Stiff Blue-eyed Grass

Almutaster pauciflorus/Alkali marsh aster

Gomphrena sonorae/Sonoran globe amaranth


I used 32 gram and doublette for this order from Fiddlehead Artisan Supply and Castle in the Air.

Florabeane Paper Flower Wreath