The North Haven Commission

Calderwood Hall is located on North Haven, an island off the coast of Maine.  The owner, Cecily, contacted me for custom paper arrangements for the booths, tables, and market area for the summer season. Sea roses for the location, flowering quince because she was drawn to my work of blossoms on branches, and poppies, specifically, "funky" poppies!

I dip-dyed 32 gram crepe for the roses, hand-colored 32 gram crepe for the quince, and used 32 gram crepe for the poppies as well! The poppy centers use 160 gram crepe. Materials sourced from Fiddelhead Artisan Supply and Paper Mart. I also was lucky to connect with Debbie Bosworth of  Dandelion House Flowers who sent me the sea lavender from the coast of Massachusetts! 

Florabeane Paper Roses
Florabeane Paper Poppies
Florabeane Paper Flowering Quince