Dance Recital Roses

Every December, in Maine, stages in churches, schools, halls, and auditoriums flood with groups of dancers of all levels.  It is a nice tradition to watch my own family members present their work.

This year I made large paper roses for them, planning a morning around the making, and free-forming the roses from no particular pattern, using teardop and heart-shaped petals.  The paper is German doublette, and I used school glue for the adhesive, mounted on three, yes three, 16-gauge wires I bundled together and then wrapped with gold floral tape from Lia Griffith. I even made foliage, it's just tucked in. Paper and wire from Rose Mille.

The show itself was fabulous, as the first major snowfall of the season covered the outdoors with a beautiful blanket of white, inside the costumes and steps lit up the stage with holiday cheer and wonderful energy. The reactions from people while we waited after the show were wonderful to hear, too. "I LOVE those flowers!" "Those are huge!" "Wow, those roses are gorgeous!" 

Florabeane paper roses