Florabeane in the Bangor Daily News

What a wonderful phone call last week, that lead to an interview in the Homestead section of the Bangor Daily News.

Amity Beane’s family moved from Massachusetts to an old potato farm in Washington County when she was 9 years old, and the thing she remembers most is discovering the wonder and beauty of the natural world all around her.

“I’ll never forget that first day, when we were exploring the property,” Beane, 39, recalled. “It was our magic kingdom.”

That sense of the magic of nature has stuck with her, and lately she has combined her passions for botany and art in a way that is resonating with a growing circle of fans. In her new business, Florabeane, she makes and sells delicate paper flowers that are as true to life as they are lovely. Beane, who lives in western Maine, is returning to Washington County at the end of this month to teach people how to make their own paper flowers at a workshop held in the tiny community of Waite. Attendees will gather at the Ladies Aid Society meeting on April 30 to learn how to make anemones out of white, pink or yellow crepe paper.

“It just seemed like a really sweet spot to start my teaching journey, in the place where I was nurtured,” she said.
— -quoted in the Bangor Daily News


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Here's the headshot I sent to her, and I can't believe how pregnant I am in the pic!

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